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In the company's casting stage, there are 3 melting furnaces that meet the requirements of national environmental protection policies and advanced production technology. The single-furnace furnace produces 25 tons of natural gas furnace with a daily output of 150 tons. The main products are 90, 110, 120, 152, 160, 178 of 6063 series. National standard aluminum rods of other models.

The company adopts the international advanced 25t circular regenerative aluminum melting furnace to install the low melting point and easy melting furnace charge in the lower layer. The high melting point furnace charge is installed on the upper layer. The scientific discharge sequence and the automatically controlled gas furnace effectively improve the gas furnace. The problem of uneven temperature in the melting furnace is prevalent in this industry. In terms of environmental protection, the use of pulse bag type dust collectors and water treatment plants has effectively reduced the environmental load.

The 6063 aluminum rod produced by the company is a low-alloyed Al-Mg-Si high-plastic alloy. Has many valuable features: First, heat treatment strengthening, high impact toughness, can not be sensitive to lack of. Second, there is excellent thermoplasticity, which can be kneaded at high speed into a messy layout, various profiles of thin-walled hollow or forged forgings with complicated layout, wide quenching temperature, low quenching sensitivity, kneading and casting after demoulding only The temperature is required to be higher than the quenching temperature. That is, it can be quenched by spraying water or water. Thin-walled parts (6<3mm) are also capable of wind quenching. Third, the welding function and corrosion resistance are excellent, and there is no stress corrosion cracking tendency. In the heat-treated reinforced aluminum alloy, the Al-Mg-Si alloy is an alloy in which only the stress corrosion cracking appearance is not found. Fourth, the appearance after processing is very bright, and simple anodizing and coloring.


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